Who We Are

Urban Growth Property Group (”Urban Growth”) is an independent property investment company operating in South Africa as well as internationally.

Over the past 15 years, we have become known for our visionary and innovative approach to property investment, revitalising existing properties and creating new urban landmarks within the commercial and industrial arenas. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise coupled with exceptional levels of service.

Urban Growth is driven by the passion to develop spaces for people and businesses looking for an environment where their specific requirements are not only met, but exceeded – places where they can grow and prosper. We specialize in large scale Supply Chain Logistics Industrial Properties.

We are fully committed to preserving our planet and supporting green building principles. We invest in a responsible and sustainable manner.

“Urban Growth is focused on adding economic value to urbanisation growth in South Africa and beyond. We specialize in large scale Supply Chain Logistics Industrial Property. Our people and strategic partners are world-class property professionals who maximise the human and investment capital returns on projects we choose to participate in.”

Our Values

Our values are the cornerstone of who we are and how we do business: We always make principle-based decisions.



It is predicted that by 2050, there will be 10 billion people on the planet.

Urbanisation rates are increasing at almost 5% annually, e.g. in Cape Town alone that means an increase of 350 000 economically active people into the city every year (as of 2020).

The drive to an urban renaissance and the building of sustainable towns at the urban edge, are crucial for the continued growth of ever expanding cities. We understand the importance of responsible densification and better use of public assets. As more people have to be accommodated, we will create commercial, industrial, retail and residential assets to continually fulfill these demands.

Urban Growth offers state of the art development systems with the objective of finding the most suitable solution to all property development challenges.

Our expertise lies in finding OPPORTUNISTIC and VALUE-ADD property investment opportunities, and turning them into CORE investments. We specialize in large scale Supply Chain Logistics Industrial Properties.

We maximise the human and investment capital returns above those achieved in the traditional core investment space.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”


Our vision is to build a high quality portfolio of large scale Supply Chain Logistics Industrial Properties in South Africa and beyond, with a specific focus on sustainability and clean energy sources.

In line with worldwide emerging urban growth trends, we have implemented key strategies to ensure delivery on future requirements:


– Source new property investments
– Calculate financial viabilities
– Design development solutions
– Structure debt and equity optimally
– Manage the deal process to completion
– Focus on high growth logistics hubs in South Africa and beyond


– Source new high growth development opportunities
– Re-zone land
– Design and develop strategies for development improvements
– Lease space
– Manage professional teams and the construction processes
– Work closely with financial institutions to optimise development funding
– Optimize the bulk of the asset
– Implement solar and generator projects to enhance yield
– Implement solar solutions that provide clean energy to our tenants
– Leasing strategy


– Asset manage our property portfolio
to optimize returns
– Manage the day-to-day property management processes
– Maximise the value to the tenant
– Collect the rent and operational costs
– Improve all services
– Monitor expenditure
– Lease renewals

Urban Growth acquires, develops and holds.

Our portfolio acquistion large scale Logistics Supply Chain Industrial Property, predominantly in South Africa and beyond.

Our philosophy is based on partnership –
we invest alongside our stakeholders. We have a focused investment view, which is executed free from unnecessary complexity.
We are long-term active asset managers, who rely on our independent investment process. We are not constrained in terms
of property selection. We care about leaving a positive legacy!

We have a small and exclusive corporate clientele and we are able to service our clients personally. Our services are tailored,

discreet and confidential, and we keep our affairs clear, concise, focused and uncomplicated.

As innovators, we source appropriate property solutions for our corporate clients –
especially solar and generator solutions that ensure our clients can operate at their optimal level. Our directors have led many
iconic and flagship property developments within South Africa and India. The Portside
Office Tower, the tallest building in Cape Town, is a perfect example of this.

Our primary skill is to optimize the
attractiveness of the spaces that are let.

Urban Growth primarily focusses on large scale Supply Chain Logistics Industrial ‘moderate risk’ Properties that generate a solid yield and offer strong growth
potential mainly within South Africa and beyond. New markets abroad are currently being targeted.

Urban Growth Park - Property Portfolio